Games Ready to Join
Game Bet Win Players Participants
Baccarat 0 0/5
BJ 0 0/5
War 0 0/5
Roulette 0 0/-
Flowers 0 0/1
Duel 10M 19M 1/2 CABID
PTD 32M 60M 1/2 Winchester
Duel 50M 95M 1/2 Winchester
PTD 60M 114M 1/2 Winchester
PTD 13M 24M 1/2 Winchester
Raffle 100k 95M 348/1000 Eli, hellalucky, Mooo, sicklewet, Stockton_Slap, Winchester, poorkid123, ...
51x2 6M 1/1 hellalucky
51x2 3M 1/1 hellalucky
51x2 34M 68M 1/1 Killerbollen
BJ 25M 1/1 BillzBTW
51x2 15M 30M 1/1 hellalucky
51x2 34M 1/1 Killerbollen
51x2 34M 1/1 Killerbollen

Runescape Gambling

Runechat is the largest Runescape Gambling site.
We provide the most convenient way of gambling with OSRS & RS3.

We have the largest variety of games and a very friendly user design.

The default currency we use is RS3 because there was no OSRS when this site was started
but you can deposit OSRS and withdraw OSRS,
the amount will just get converted (without fee) to RS3 upon deposit and withdrawal.
In fact, most of the people on the site do OSRS Gambling instead of RS3.

We have 24/7 support and if you have any questions, you can always make a ticket and you will get a reply very quickly.
We have the most active RS Gambling community, you can probably tell this by looking at our chat.
So stop thinking and give it a try!

Welcome to!