Safety and Security

Will I be hacked if I put my personal information on

We store passwords in encrypted form so no admin, mod, or other user can look it up. To use an analogy, Wal-Mart doesn't need to steal your credit card to make money. It's the same here, we have no want or need to steal your information, we do great without breaking laws, abusing trust, or stealing players wealth. For your own account security on the internet in general, we advise you to never re-use the exact same email-and-password combination on any site.

Is safe? is absolutely safe and virus free Feel free to run your own personal scan ANYTIME.

What about cheats or rigging, do you guys do that? / Does rig bets? / Does cheat?

Coming back to the Wal-Mart analogy, we have no use for rigging or cheating in order to make our GP. A little time spent googling odds, and visiting casino information-related sites and you'll understand that rigging or cheating of any sort is counterproductive and unnecessary for casinos.

Runechat is built on openness. We keep a meticulous history of all transactions on the site, and users can look up their own games and transactions to make sure everything went as it should. We also keep a public history of all the games, so our data is there for all to see.

How secure is my GP on the site, will it ever be whiped or disappear without reason or cause?

The truthful answer is we can't ever say 100% that it technical failures are impossible. But we can say we have all chip counts sent every 2 minutes to 2 seperate backup servers. It is astronomically unlikely our double failover would fail. In the event of this astronomical event We of course would make things right with our customers.

History and Facts

What happened to Runescape Gambling? (What happened to Runescape Dicing? What happend to Runescape Frosty Flowers? What happened to Runescape 60x2?)

Runescape gambling was removed for a number of reasons it is common belief that the spammers in game ruined traditional gameplay leading to it's ultimate demise.

Is it against the Rules on Runescape to gamble on

This is a hard question to answer with 100% certainty, in short my answer would be no. We believe the answer is no because as far as Jagex Is concerned what we are doing is trust trades & coin swapping. Also the Runescape rules specifically state "Player run games of chance." While Runechat is a site run game of chance.

How long has been around? has been serving Runescape gamblers and patrons since February 15th 2014.

Using the Site

How much does mod cost?

Mod currently ranges between 1.6b and 2.2b depending on your timezone and your good faith with

Will Runechat ever be shut down?

At the present time I don't fore-see the possibility. I have done my home work and made sure we do not violate any Jagex or Runescape proprietary rights.

What are the rules?

Runechat has a list of common-sense Terms of Service that everybody needs to adhere to. We want a peaceful and tight-knit community of users and mods that are here to have fun and be social with each other. Strive to be a valuable member of the community and you will have a great time here.


How do you feel about Runescape Botting?

I believe as our Runescape generation gets older, it's understandable that botting is a means to an end for people that lack the time they had at a younger age. With that being said I do believe it has serious negative implications on Runescape and I just wish they never had existed in the first place.

What happened to Dragon Dyce?

We are the new Dragon Dyce, unfortunately Dragon Dyce has slowly lost popularity and dwindled it's playerbase down. I always have had a soft spot in my heart for Dragon Dyce. They started the thing that we love most now.
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