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Insecure Connection

It looks like you are accessing Runechat over an unencrypted connection. Please consider using HTTPS to secure your connection. Click here to switch: https://runechat.com/

Passwords and Credentials

  • Use different passwords for every site and account you have.
  • Use passwords that cannot be guessed, google "password generator".
  • Do not give out your passwords to anyone, especially people claiming to be site staff.
  • Do not log in to a site with another site's credentials, ever. For example, do not enter your Runechat username/password on another site. If the URL in the browser doesn't start with "runechat.com", it's not Runechat. Same goes for any other site.

General Internet Safety

  • Do not transfer valuables (GP, in-game items, BTC, $, whatever) to people unless you're really sure about the risks.
  • When you meet someone on social media who claims to know you, make sure it actually is that person. For example, to make sure you're talking to a Runechat admin or mod, use a ticket code first to confirm. And even then, be suspicious if they behave strangely (because other people get hacked, too).
  • Email addresses, TeamSpeak usernames, everything can be forged. Always confirm the identity of your communication partner.

Your Computer

  • Install a personal firewall so your computer isn't exposed to the internet unprotected. OS X and Linux come with firewalls built-in, and it shouldn't be difficult to find something for Windows.
  • Especially if you're using peer-to-peer software like Skype or BitTorrent, use a firewall to shield your computer. Keep in mind that other users on these networks can see your IP address and try to attack you.
  • Don't install software from dubious sources, because it could contain Trojans and other malware. If you can't help it, do a virus scan on it first, but keep in mind that virus scanners are not 100% effective.
  • If you ever think your computer itself might be compromised, wipe the hard drive and do a clean re-install of the operating system.
  • Regularly back up your data, for example onto an external drive or use a cloud-based backup service. Back up your important online stuff, too.
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