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Introducing the Ultimate Game Changer - Only at RuneChat

With immense excitement and a dash of pride, we're rolling out the biggest update in RuneChat history. Yes, you heard it right - this is not just any update; it's the game changer you've all been eagerly waiting for.

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How to Deposit with VISA/Mastercard

1. Visit RuneChat:
 Start by visiting RuneChat's Deposit page and click on "VISA/Mastercard".

2. Select Your Desired Currency:
 Navigate to the currency selection section. Choose the specific currency in which you want to receive funds.

3. Click "Proceed": 
 click on the "proceed" button.

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The Vault

馃寧 Support for All Currencies
Every currency on RuneChat can be securely stowed in The Vault, offering a versatile security solution for all users.

馃懆‍馃捇 Easy Access on Your Dashboard
Simply navigate to your dashboard and discover The Vault, ready to safeguard your assets with just a few clicks.

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Tether Joins RuneChat, Elevating Your Gambling Experience

In a thrilling update, RuneChat, your favorite online gambling platform, now welcomes Tether (USDT) - a prominent stablecoin pegged to the US Dollar, enhancing your gaming and betting ventures.

馃殌 Quick and Easy Transactions with USDT

  • 馃摜 Deposit and 馃摛 Withdraw using Tether, ensuring quick and secure transactions.

  • 馃攧 Exchange between Tether and other in-platform currencies with ease.

  • 馃幇 Play a wide range of exciting games using USDT, enjoying stability away from crypto market volatility.

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馃殌 RuneChat's Newest Star: DogeCoin! 馃殌

Hey RuneChat community,

We've been listening. We've been watching. And today, we're thrilled to announce something that many of you have been eagerly waiting for! No, it's not a space mission to the moon - but we're certainly soaring towards new heights.

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